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Data Not Dogma Conference Presentations - 2014

Data not Dogma is an awesome conference where people present real data on real buildings. It was started by Bruce Manclark.

Here are some of the presentations from the 2014 conference.


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RBSA/Seattle Multi-family Characterization David Baylon


Load shapes for Appliances and other fun facts as measured in RBSA Metering. Ben Larson


Testy Testing Makes for Better Transformation. Christopher Dymond


Air Sealing Opportunities in New Construction. Bruce Manclark


Advanced Heat Pump Water Heater Research Update. WSU Energy Program

pres_image8   Data & Stuff I Know About Multifamily Buildings. F.L. Andrew Padian  

Residential Ventilation in the Pacific Northwest. David Hales


Not Your Uncle’s Old Mobe... But Maybe Your New One? News from the Factory Floor. Brady Peeks


Design for Off: Key Mechanical Design Features for Significant Energy Savings. Jonathan Heller


Data not Dogma. John Proctor



Energy-Saving Solutions


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