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Whether you want to tune-up your existing air conditioner, ensure that your new air conditioner is installed properly, turn your existing “energy-guzzler” air conditioner into an “energy-sipper”, or check for air leakage in your duct system, CheckMe® has the solution for you.




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Concept 3™ AC/Furnace Motor

Air conditioners are designed to meet a Federal standard that approximates average temperature and humidity conditions for the entire United States. This one-size-fits-all design leaves some homeowners with uncomfortably high indoor humidity.The Concept 3 is the only indoor fan motor with integrated climate sensitive fan controls to optimize the dehumidification performance of your air conditioner. Get more dehumidification when you need it, and save energy and money by upgrading your system to Concept 3.




C3 Motor


Fieldpiece Charging Jacket™

The Charging Jacket is an easy to use device that permits accurate refrigerant testing of TXV systems under cold weather conditions.


C3 Motor


The Western Cooling Control™ (WCC)

The WCC is a simple, inexpensive device that the technician wires into the air conditioner to transform it to provide appropriate cooling for hot and dry climates. It is ideal for residents of the American Southwest!





The Hairrell Heat Pump Controlâ„¢ (HHPC)

The efficiency of heat pumps is destroyed by the electric resistance heater lurking within.



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