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Making a difference through innovation and invention.

Products that work; not just in theory, not just in the lab, not in an arbitrary test, but where it matters - in real homes and businesses.

Some of the inventions of Proctor
Engineering Staff include:WCC

  • The first modern field technician quality assurance system: CheckMe!®
  • The Denver Boiler Time Delay for high mass boiler efficiency
  • The Denver Wall converting a brick wall into a solar collector



“Techs have used the charging jacket quite a bit.  It's Superb! They give it a 10 out of 10.”

Mark Powell

Climate Control Inc., OR


“Elegance is the art of applying brilliance to achieve simplicity.”



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Our number one goal is saving energy. Proctor Engineering Group takes problems and turns them into solutions through extensive research and creative innovation. We help people develop and achieve conservation and energy efficiency goals.

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