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Since 1978, our research team has monitored buildings, measured efficiency, and tested solutions. In the changing field of energy efficiency, we have always depended on measured data to validate the performance of our recommendations.

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Home Energy Magazine features "Sizing Air Conditioners"
Article by John Proctor

It is “common knowledge” that downsizing air conditioners makes them more efficient and reduces peak. But Does it? John Proctor explores house sizing, restrictive ducts, insulation, oversized air conditioners and the effects on peak load.


ASHRAE Journal: Residential AC Filters

Homeowners need a way to select an air filter with high arrestance that ensures it will not significantly reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.



Home Energy Magazine: Smart & Cool - The Art of Air Conditioning

Common misconceptions can contribute to a home environment that is too cold, too hot, or too humid. This article addresses some common misconceptions and questions that builders and homeowners have about air conditioning systems



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